About Us

Our Mission

The Greater New Orleans Hotel & Lodging Association (GNOHLA) is a membership-based, not-for-profit, private association representing the hotel and lodging industry in the Greater New Orleans area. The association is devoted to:

  • representing the rights and interests of the New Orleans hotel and lodging and hospitality industries through education, political action, communication, and marketing; 
  • providing member benefits that improve the financial position and public awareness of its members; 
  • supporting strategic alliances to promote the value of New Orleans tourism and travel.


The Association provides for an exchange of ideas and disbursement of information through printed matter, electronically, and through scheduled meetings.


The Association conducts appropriate surveys and informational gathering activities necessary to provide management with adequate decision making tools. It identifies new services which could be rendered to members to increase profits and operational efficiency, and expands services to assist multiple disciplines within the industry at the department-head level, as well as in the other areas of management.


The Association undertakes those marketing activities deemed necessary by the membership to improve their business climate. It also monitors and supports the activities of the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation, the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, and the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau, providing input and direction to improve the potential for successful results. The Association fosters relationships with all marketing entities (Aviation Board, Jefferson Parish, Pontchartrain Center, Alario Center, etc.) in order to maximize all efforts for business development.

Civic/Professional Relations

The Association strives to create a positive professional image of the lodging industry to the community. It assumes an active, visible role in community issues as deemed appropriate by the membership, and maintains active professional cooperative relationships with all business/tourism entities. The Association works with local/regional/national media in representing the industry in a professional manner.

Issue Responsiveness

The Association is responsive as a troubleshooter on behalf of the industry to minimize criticism, maintain business levels, and foster public awareness and understanding. It also works with those industry organizations necessary to maintain or secure groups or special events which need special care above the industry norm.

Join Us!

Benefits of Becoming a Member

Recognition. As a GNOHLA member, you are immediately recognized as being a part of the New Orleans area’s most important industry and one of the strongest economic engines in the metropolitan area and the state.

Networking. As a GNOHLA member, you will have opportunities to interact with key hotel and lodging managers and staff during professional, philanthropic, and social events throughout the year.

Exposure. Our website lists both Hotel and Allied members with links to each member’s website. GNOHLA produces at least one trade show opportunity per year for Allied Members to display their services or products. Members participate in committees as well as sponsorships at special events, including the Annual Tourism Tee-Off golf tournament.

Education. GNOHLA hosts regularly scheduled industry-specific seminars and workshops staffed by professionals and open to all members.

Information. GNOHLA, in conjunction with University of New Orleans, Lester E. Kabacoff School of Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism, and other higher learning institutions, researches and surveys subjects important to the hotel and tourism industry.

Representation. GNOHLA represents the interests and protects the rights of the hotel and lodging industry at local, state, and federal levels by maintaining communications with elected officials and supporting and/or creating favorable legislation.

To join our association, please download and print the below documents and remit with credit card form or check.

Safety and Security

The Association publicly and financially support efforts of the NOPD and the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation to continue the reduction of crime in our community. It maintains vigilance in the support of law enforcement and homeland security, and heightens awareness within the industry and community of the need for full support in this area.