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Evacuation Plan for Visitors

Posted on: September 10 2008 | Posted in: Key Issues
Immediately after Katrina, the GNOHLA and NOMCVB along with the Office
of Emergency Preparedness created an emergency plan for our Visitors.
Hurricane Gustav is our first hurricane to put our plan to the test.
This is what you can expect:

1. During the last several days you were asked to complete our Weekly
Visitor Status Report. This report is important as it tells us how
many Visitors we have in town each day and how many Visitors we would
potentially need to help evacuate.

2. Hotel Emergency Preparedness Form: Back in May/June each hotel
was asked to complete the Hotel Emergency Preparedness Form. This is
form is important as it tells us who will remain in your hotel should
an evaculation occur. If you have not completed this form, the form
is attached - PLEASE complete and send asap to dkarl@neworleanscvb.com
or fax to 630-357-5918.

3. Updates will be forwarded to the email addresses you provide on
the Hotel Emergency Preparedness Form (see #3). If a Visitor
evacuation is announced, you will be send an email. In addition, the
NOMCVB’s website is a great resource for information: www.neworleanscvb.com

4. Should a Visitor evaculation occur, you will be asked to share the
following information to your guests:

Option A: Tell your guests to call their airline and try to
secure an airline reservation to return home.

Option B: If they are NOT able to get an airline ticket to
return home, please send your guests to your hotel’s assigned staging
area. See attached assignments. Visitors will be transported from
the staging area (Sheraton or Harrahs Casino) to the Armstrong MSY
Airport. Upon arrival, they will be assisted. The goal will be to
send them to their home town but if that is not possible, they will be
sent to another airport.

Option C: If Visitors remain after the airport closes because of
dangerous winds, then our Visitors will be driven out of town on buses.

If you have any questions, please call:

Donna Karl