AH&LA Focuses On Decisive Political Year

Posted on: March 5 2012
GNOHLA Governmental Affairs Committee Ted Selogie and GNOHLA Executive Director Mavis Early participated in the AHLA Legislative Action Summit in Washington this week, along with Bill Langkopp of the Louisiana Hotel & Lodging Association and colleagues and hoteliers from around the country. A full report on their activities will be presented at the GNOHLA General Membership Meeting on March 14, 9 am, at the Marriott Convention Center.

March 1, 2012

Hotel Business Magazine, Staff Writer

WASHINGTON—Opening the 14th Annual Legislative Action Summit here, American Hotel & Lodging Association President/CEO Joseph McInerney underscored the importance of this year on issues critical to the industry.

Will the economy continue to recover? Will Congress allow businesses to create jobs? What impact will the presidential election have? These are among the questions that McInerney said will be addressed as the year progresses.

The roughly 250 attendees at the LAS heard updates on three issues of pressing concern to the industry: initiatives to increase travel and tourism to the United States, online travel agencies’ efforts to limit the amount of occupancy tax they pay for booking rooms, and the Department of Labor and the National Labor Relations Board’s aggressive stance on issuing regulations protecting employees’ right to unionize.

A significant part of every LAS is devoted to the visits attendees make to government officials. This year, participants were scheduled to attend a briefing at the White House, as well as the two bodies of Congress.

For attendees new to such lobbying efforts, McInerney offered encouragement. “Our lawmakers are here to listen to you,” he said.