La. Office of Tourism does not want to foot entire bill for Super Bowl XLVII

Posted on: April 10 2012
"It's costing the state $6 million to host the big game..."

Posted on April 10, 2012 at 6:48 AM

NEW ORLEANS - Super Bowl XLVII will take place in the Superdome in 2013, but there's a battle over who should foot the bill.

It's costing the state $6 million to host the big game - all money coming out of the state Office of Tourism, which is under the lieutenant governor's office.

Jay Dardenne said that because everyone will reap the hundreds of millions of dollars in economic benefits, other state departments should help pay the bill.

"I'm willing to say that the tourism budget will pay its share. I simply am saying we shouldn't be called upon to pay the entire state obligation to host the Super Bowl," Dardenne said.

"We're going to stand by the decision to do this. We're not going to cut health care and higher education to promote the Super Bowl, not when the lieutenant governor has the funds in his tourism promotion funds," said Paul Rainwater, the governor's chief financial advisor.

Even after spending $6 million for the Super Bowl, $4.7 million would be left over to spend on marketing the state, Rainwater said.

This Super Bowl will be the 10th that New Orleans has hosted. The last time the big game was in the Dome was in 2002.