Proposed caps would allow 15,000 New Orleans homes to be rented to tourists

Posted on: July 4 2016

by Jeff Adelson of the New Orleans Advocate

Up to 8 percent of the homes in New Orleans would be eligible to be converted into whole-house short-term rentals, in addition to an unknown number of half-doubles and condos, under proposed rules being considered by the City Planning Commission.

If every house that under the rules could be rented to tourists in fact became a whole-home rental, there would be about 15,000 of them throughout the city under the density caps included in the proposed rules, according to an analysis by The New Orleans Advocate. That’s out of about 190,000 total housing units counted in the 2010 census.


Hitting that cap is unlikely, though, given that it would require the practice to spread to areas that do not typically attract tourists, such as New Orleans East.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s administration did not question The Advocate’s figures, but a spokesman called the analysis “unrealistic” and “unnecessarily inflammatory,” arguing that the market could not support that many short-term rentals and that city officials would tamp down on excessive numbers through the zoning process.

Leaders of a group of short-term rental owners said they would support looser restrictions that would allow more units in areas near the Mississippi River.