AH&LA Again Urges the DOJ for ADA Pool Lift Clarification

January 26 2012 | ADA Issues

This week AH&LA filed a new request for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to provide clarification to new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) rules requiring all pools and spas to offer at least one means of access for the disabled.

Pointing out that the March 15 deadline for compliance is fast approaching and uncertainty of what types of lifts to procure leaves many hoteliers unclear on how to comply, AH&LA urges the DOJ to answer basic questions, such as:

  • Must the pool lift be anchored to the deck or can it be portable?

  • Can the pool lift be brought out upon request?

  • Can one portable pool lift service a pool and spa, or two pools in the same location?

  • How quickly must a pool lift be brought out?

The cost of purchasing these lifts can start at $6,000, plus installation and maintenance. Such a significant budget outlay should only be made with the certainty that these devices will comply with Federal law. However, the DOJ has not yet responded to earlier entreaties, letters, and requests for meetings asking for clarification of these rules.

As such, AH&LA urges its members to carefully review any lift purchases made at this time and carefully weigh the possibility that the DOJ may issue guidance that conflicts with these purchases.

Visit www.ahla.com for additional information on all ADA issues. AH&LA has comprehensive resources, such as Webinars, memos, advisories and other helpful materials for ADA compliance available in the members only section.

For more information, contact Kevin Maher, senior vice president for Governmental Affairs, at kmaher@ahla.com or (202) 289-3147.

For the ADA Compliance presentation from Kevin Maher- ADA Compliance Pesentation- AH&LA