St. Ann Hotel reopens as Hotel Le Marais

November 15 2010 | Latest News
Major work completed as a part of an $8 million renovation.

Sunday, November 14, 2010
Jaquetta White, The Times-Picayune

The former St. Ann Hotel in the French Quarter reopened to guests this month after a July closure, an $8 million renovation and a name change. The new Hotel Le Marais, named for an area of Paris, welcomed its first guests Nov. 5.
marais-hotel.jpgEliot Kamenitz,The Times-Picayune

Hotel Le Marais is the refurbished, renovated Hotel St. Ann on Conti Street in the French Quarter

The Conti Street boutique hotel was closed shortly after being sold into the New Orleans Hotel Collection in a deal that also included the St. Louis Hotel on Bienville.

Both French Quarter hotels are now part of the seven-hotel collection, which also includes the Bourbon Orleans and Maison de Ville. New Orleans Hotel Collection is owned by businessman Joseph Jaeger. The former St. Ann Hotel and the St. Louis Hotels were sold by JAC Ventures LLC in two separate transactions. According to records, the St. Ann was purchased for $4.1 million by 717 Conti LLC. The St. Louis sold to 730 Rue Bienville LLC for $8.7 million. Joseph Jaeger is a managing member of both corporations.

The deal included the assumption of debt, according to Marc Becker, spokesman for New Orleans Hotel Collection.

In the five months that the hotel was closed, it received a new air-conditioning system, roof and furniture, Becker said, adding that the property was in a more decrepit state than the company initially thought when purchasing it.

Becker said the hotel was initially scheduled to open Oct. 1, but the date had to be pushed back by a month to repair years of neglect at the property.

"The property had seen better times," Becker said. "Everything was gutted to the walls. This is not the same hotel."

Other renovations include the addition of a wine and tequila bar in the hotel lobby that will be named by the public. The hotel's 66 guest rooms were updated and are now outfitted with Wi-Fi.

"We are excited to offer such a beautifully distinct hotel that presents an atmosphere of trendy sophistication, elegance and service for our guests," Jaeger said in a statement.

Becker said the company also plans to remodel the St. Louis, but that renovation will be done floor by floor and will not cause the hotel to shut down.