Area hotels get a kick out of the NFL

September 8 2010 | Latest News

Don Ames

Tomorrow night's NFL season opener is drawing attention and crowds to the Crescent City.

New Orleans is definitely ready for some football, and getting packed with fans to see the Super Bowl Champion Saints begin to defend their title.

Mavis Early, Executive Director of the Greater New Orleans Hotel and Lodging Association says a lot of folks are taking advantage of the city's hospitality.

"Some hotels are housing media and that means a great deal of occupied rooms for well as all the fans," says Early.

The City of New Orleans as well as the surrounding areas are benefiting from the rematch between last year's NFC Championship combatants.

"We're running about 85 percent occupancy three nights...Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So, not only are they coming for the game, but they're staying for the weekend," Early says.

Early says the Black & Gold have been nothing but gold for the hospitality industry, and other sectors of the economy as well.

And, as for all the pomp and circumstance the NFL is bring to this year's gridiron opener..."This type of national exposure is priceless," she says.

However, she's not surprised.

"I think we've been on a roll since the Saints won the Super Bowl," Early says.

And she sees that roll continuing, not only with more success from the Saints.

"We've got all sorts of sporting events coming in 2011, 12 and 13. So I think we have got a lot to look forward to and I think our tourism industry and all of the supporting businesses are going to do well in the future."