City gets rave reviews for pulling off a week of Super Bowl activities

February 5 2013 | Latest News

"...we had a great time, the city is so welcoming..."

Feb 04, 2013

Written by: Sabrina Wilson, Fox8

New Orleans, La. — Like the lights that lit up the exterior of the Superdome on Super Bowl night, the city's image is shining in the eyes of many people after a week of Super Bowl activities.

At the Morial Convention Center, workers focused on dismantling the sprawling Super Bowl Media Center before lunchtime. In the temporary newsroom, some reporters remained. Among them was Stephen Edelson of Gannett News Service, which provides content to news operations around the country.

"This is my third one here and quite honestly I think they should have it here every year," Edelson said of the city's hosting of the Super Bowl.

He said the layout of the city puts it yards ahead of many other Super Bowl host cities.

"I think next year is going to be a prime example of that, where most of the events will happen in Manhattan and the game will be played in New Jersey, a pretty good distance away," said Edelson.

A short distance away in the French Quarter, network broadcast centers were coming down piece by piece as thousands of Super Bowl visitors strolled the area.

"Team didn't win. We took it very close, we had a great time, the city is so welcoming -- that's why my voice is nearly gone," said Clare Walker, a 49ers fan from London, England.

A group of Ravens fans were equally as enthralled by the city's hospitality.

"This is one of the greatest places to have a Super Bowl. We're from Baltimore -- yes, Ravens!" said Trice Pollak.

"People were nice and polite and it was great, other than my team losing," stated Rhondo Anway, a 49ers fan who was here with his wife from San Francisco.

"It was awesome… We've never been to New Orleans so this was a really great trip," Tina Anway stated.

While many in the national media are certainly talking about and writing about the power outage during the Super Bowl, in the days leading up to the big game national headlines were blaring compliments about how smoothly the city was hosting the huge event.

"We really had some wonderful national recognition the past week," said Mark Romig, president of the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation and a member of the Super Bowl Host Committee.

Forbes ran a news article about the city's post-Katrina renaissance and its impact on businesses. A Wall Street Journal article chronicled how the city has come back better since the storm.

Electrical problems aside, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell gave the city many plaudits during his post-game press conference.

"What an extraordinary job the city of New Orleans has done," said Goodell.

"And we all agree with that," said Romig.