Do you tip your housekeepers when you stay at a hotel?

September 17 2014 | Latest News
Jim Hanzo Reporting,

Marriott hotels have announced a new initiative, encouraging hotel guests to tip the housekeepers who clean their rooms, placing envelopes for gratuities in around 160,000 hotel rooms with the name of the person who cleans the room on it and a message asking hotel guests to please feel free to leave a gratuity to express their appreciation for their efforts, according to the Associated Press.

But how much should we leave housekeepers?

Mavis Early, Executive Director of the Greater New Orleans Hotel and Lodging Association, says it depends on the hotel and what you are asking them to do.

"For housekeeping, it's generally in the range of one dollar to five dollars a night, and an important thing is that the tip should be left daily," Early said.

One researcher quoted by the AP said around 30 percent of guests don't leave a tip. Early agrees with that, and says there is a reason we should tip daily.

"The staff changes day to day on what their responsibilities are so it's best to leave it daily because if you leave it at the end there is no guarantee that it will be shared with the persons who cleaned your room each night," added Early.

Early also stresses don't just leave the gratuity out.

"Leave it either in an envelope or with a note so that, number one, it's clear with housekeeping and they don't think the person staying in the room just left the money on the nightstand or whatever," said Early.