First GiveNOLA Day raises almost $2.3 million

May 7 2014 | Latest News

BY JEFF ADELSON, The advocate

New Orleans-area non-profits raised nearly $2.3 million on Tuesday during the first GiveNOLA Day, a 24-hour fund raising competition organized by the Greater New Orleans Foundation.

The donations came in at more than double the goal set before the event kicked off, fueled by contributions from 19,625 people - nearly four times the number donors that organizers had hoped to attract. GiveNOLA Day is affiliated with Give Local America, a national, day-long event aimed at inspiring charitable giving.

The Ogden Museum brought in the largest total amount in donations, with 147 people giving a total of almost $101,300. Team Gleason racked up the largest number of contributors, with more than 630 people giving a total of almost $42,900.

Throughout the day, organizers were tracking donations on the GiveNOLA website,, and on a leaderboard in Lafayette Square. The competitive nature of the event was mainly aimed at “gamifying” the donations and encouraging people to give, but also has real benefits for the top organizations. GNOF raised money before the event to provide bonuses to the organizations that raised the most money or attracted the most individual donors. A second “Lagniappe Fund” of about $226,000 will also be distributed between all the organizations that raised money during the event based on how much they raised.