Hurricane Readiness/Evacuation Links

June 10 2013 | Latest News

City of New Orleans

Listing of links found on the city website:

Steps to help make a plan for you and your family

Recommended Hurricane Season Supplies

EvacuSpot pick up points

Link for Special Needs Registry

Sign up for Emergency Alerts

Contraflow Maps

Louisiana State Trooper Website

Official Hurricane Preparedness Guide (including Contraflow Map)

This booklet includes information on the following topics:

Message from Governor Jindal

Supplies recommended for a Hurricane Kit

Explanation of Storm Surge, Storm Tide and Inundation

Steps for before, during and after a storm hits

Evacuation timeline for all of South Louisiana

Shelter listings for South Louisiana

Contraflow Map

Protecting your animals

Contact information for each Parish in South Louisiana

Regional Transit Authority (RTA) Evacuation Information

Information on the RTA page:

How to register for City-Assisted Evacuation

What you can bring on board

Disabled rider information