New Orleans Multicultural Tourism Network Announces Tremé Culture Fest Line-Up

August 5 2013 | Latest News
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August 03, 2013

Drums beating, horns blowing, neighborhood pulsating from the rhythms of dancing - it must be Tremé. The New Orleans Multicultural Tourism Network announced today the Tremé Culture Fest will return October 18th-20th, featuring a Club Crawl and lecture series and culminating in a Jazz Mass and Tremé United Second Line.

The Tremé Culture Fest is a continuation of the overwhelming success of the 2012 Tremé 200 Bicentennial celebration. The kickoff of the Tremé Culture Fest will begin Friday, October 18th, with a Neighborhood Stroll & Bar Hop at Li'l Dizzy's Café and continues Saturday, October 19th, with the Tremé Lecture Series at Perseverance Hall in Armstrong Park. Sunday, October 20th, offers the Tremé Jazz Mass at St. Augustine Church followed by a United Second Line.

"We are taking it to the streets again in Tremé, where it all started," said Toni Rice, President of the New Orleans Multicultural Tourism Network. "There is no other place that 'speaks' New Orleans like Tremé and we are again boasting all of the traditions that make this neighborhood fitting for a celebration." Tremé is considered the oldest black neighborhood in America, the origin of the Southern Civil Rights Movement, and the birthplace of jazz. It is the hotbed of the city's culture, overflowing with vibrant brass band traditions, where a second line can take place on any given Saturday or Sunday.

The lecture series, jazz mass, and second line are free and open to the public. Visit us online at for more information and updates or call New Orleans Multicultural Tourism Network at 504-523-5652. Follow us on Facebook (Tremé Culture Fest) and Twitter (@tremefest).