Starr Laundry Services

June 20 2013 | Latest News

Almost 5 years ago a 30,000 sq. ft. "state of the art" laundry facility capable of processing hospitality and condo work was built in Foley, AL on June, 2008 by Sheila Hodges, Chairwomen of Meyer Real Estate and was only processing 1.2M pounds of linens per year for 1500 condominium units.

In May, 2010 Starr purchased the Royal Laundry and incorporated it into Starr Textile Services LLC of Louisiana that was processing about 2.92M pounds of laundry per year at the time of the purchase.

Sales growth in Foley has increased annualized poundage has increased from 1.2M pounds annually to over 9M pounds annually, while the New Orleans facility has grown from 2.92M in May, 2010 to 7.6M in 2012.

Starr will be opening a 71,000 sq. ft. building to "retro-fit' into a "state of the art" high production laundry facility and will move out of its current Magazine Street location to the new facility where it expects it to process over 25M pounds annually.

Starr also has the only 7 day dry cleaning operation in New Orleans providing 7 day Guest Valet Service and full uniform processing.