Storm Warnings: Stay off of the streets

January 27 2014 | Latest News

Following are highlights from Mayor Landrieu’s just press conference:

· He has declared a state of emergency for the City.
· Status has moved from “storm warning” to “storm watch”.
· City Hall is officially closed Tuesday and Wednesday, as are most local area schools.
· This will likely be the most serious ice storm New Orleans has experienced.
· Freezing rain, sleet, with snow in some areas expected.
· Expecting freezing temperatures in the low 20’s with wind chill as low as 17 degrees.
· 20-30 mph wind gusts.
· Ice cumulation expected to be 1/4 to ½ inches deep.
· Expecting freezing temperatures in the low 20’s.
· 20-30 mph wind gusts
· Wind chill predicted to be 17 degrees.
· Likely tree damage from wind gusts.
· Power line damage and power outages possible.
· If power is lost, switch all electrical equipment to “off” position.
· Stay off of the roads unless absolutely necessary.
· RTA will run buses only (no streetcars) on regular schedules as long as roads are safe to do so.
· Take all precautions at home: caution with space heaters and candles.
· As of 3 PM, airport still open.
· GNOHLA offices and buildings are closed tomorrow and possibly Wednesday.
· Natasha, Tara, Heather and I will communicate information as long as we have power to do so.
· As usual in emergency situations, CVB’s website, as the designated central tourism website, will have updates. Go to: