Trucks begin picking up uncollected trash in Quarter

February 3 2009 | Latest News
Trucks begin picking up uncollected trash in Quarter

03:43 PM CST on Tuesday, February 3, 2009
Chad Bower / Eyewitness News

NEW ORLEANS – Trucks are currently picking up previously uncollected trash that were marked by "X"s in the French Quarter.

The markings were a signal from SDT Waste & Debris Services that the trash would not be collected. That stemmed from a city ordinance that says the city is not responsible for picking up garbage at a residential property with more than five units, nor at any commercial property producing more than 35 gallons of waste. The move comes after discussions in Tuesday's City Council meeting that residents and businesses should have been given more notice to hire a private garbage contractor.

A spokesman told Eyewitness News Monday that the garbage ordiance is not new, and that most commercial businesses are already complying with it. The city said that it sent out more than 8,000 letters to owners of properties with more than five units as a reminder that they needed to hire a private garbage contractor.
Tuesday's collection is being done by trucks from both the city and SDT.

Enhanced Services

Earlier today, four City Council members signed off on using economic development funds to continue enhanced trash services in the French Quarter and Downtown Development district.

The council is still waiting to see if the other members of the council will sign off on the memorandum of understanding, which would reinstate the enhanced services, but the current four votes is enough to pass the measure.

Mayor Ray Nagin would still need to sign the memorandum tomorrow to make the return of the services official.