NOPSI, Jung and other hotels win historic preservation awards

March 13 2018 | Latest News

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By Susan Langenhennig | Posted March 13, 2018 at 01:29 PM | Updated March 15, 2018 at 02:10 PM

By Susan Langenhennig

The Jung and NOPSI hotels and the Algiers Courthouse are among the 22 winners of the Louisiana Landmarks Society's 2018 Awards for Excellence in Historic Preservation.

The awards, announced this week, included several hotel developments that restored or renovated historic buildings, including The Drifter on Tulane Avenue, the NOPSI, Jung and Royal Frenchmen hotels and the Inn at the Old Jail, which transformed a 1902 former jail and patrol center into a bed and breakfast.

"I think it's wonderful that they're reusing these beautiful old buildings and bringing them back into commerce," said Sandra Stokes, president of the Louisiana Landmarks Society. "The NOPSI has this bygone feel of grandeur, while the Jung is revitalizing an essential area of the city."

This year, the society received 43 nominations, the most the group has ever gotten for its annual awards program. Nominations came from the public, architects, designers and organizations involved in historic preservation.

Among the winners is a contemporary residential development at St. Thomas and Ninth streets. With metal exteriors and peaked roofs, the project created 12 new housing units in the Irish Channel. 

How does a such a contemporary development qualify for a historic preservation award? Stokes said it's about context. "We look at neighborhoods and new construction, and how it fits into the context and scale of the area," she said. "This project did an excellent job of that."

This year's slate of awards includes a new one named in honor of Mary Lou Christovich, the late preservationist, author and historian who founded Save Our Cemeteries. The Special Award of Excellence goes to Emily Ford of Oak and Laurel Cemetery Preservation for using "proper materials and artisanal techniques that serve to provide sustainability and responsible preservation of the tombs, copings, monuments and landscapes" of historic New Orleans cemeteries.