Our Mission

The Greater New Orleans Hotel & Lodging Association (GNOHLA) is a membership-based, not-for-profit, private association representing the hotel and lodging industry in the Greater New Orleans area. The association is devoted to:

  • representing the rights and interests of the New Orleans hotel and lodging and hospitality industries through education, political action, communication, and marketing; 

  • providing member benefits that improve the financial position and public awareness of its members; 

  • supporting strategic alliances to promote the value of New Orleans tourism and travel.

We are the collective voice of our industry —and our members here in New Orleans—and we take this role very seriously. Our member-to-member communications provide for an exchange of ideas and timely updates on important issues in our community. We communicate to our members through print materials, scheduled meetings, monthly newsletters, and various social media channels. Secondly, we conduct periodic surveys and info gathering activities necessary to provide our hotel management teams with data and decision-making tools. We also identify new services which can be provided to members to increase profits and operational efficiency.

The Greater New Orleans Hotel & Lodging Association strives to create a positive, professional image of the lodging industry to the community. We maintain a visible, active role in issues that matter to New Orleanians —and we pride ourselves on fostering cooperative relationships with all business and tourism entities as well as local, regional, and national media.

Lastly—and of great importance—we publicly and financially support efforts by the New Orleans Police Department and the New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation to continue the reduction of crime in our community. We are vigilant in our support of law enforcement and homeland security and we work to increase awareness amongst our membership base and within our industry of public safety issues.