Member's Spotlight

Member's Spotlight

Blastexx, LLC was born out of a need to vastly improve the service aspect of the blasting and surface preparation business.  The company was started in January 2020 by Doug Nodurft (New Orleans) and Mike Sherwood (Houston).  Although it originally began as an online parts and equipment business, it has grown into a company with three distinct product lines focusing on 1) commercial and industrial blasting parts and supplies, 2) unparalleled Ultraviolet (UV) technology for hotels, restaurants, schools, high rise buildings, etc., and 3) a state-of-the-art NanoBubble technology which utilizes dissolved oxygen (DO) for environmental applications.

Online Parts and Supplies

Surface preparation utilizing sand, soda, and media blasting has been around for many years.  The owners of Blastexx have a combined 21+ years in the blasting industry.  Until now, the main focus of most blasting supply companies was simply providing parts and equipment.  The service aspect, specifically spending quality time with clients to truly understand their problem(s), along with responding quickly and accurately, was lacking.  The two decided to provide not only quality products, but service second to none!  Timing was a little unfortunate due to opening in January 2020, just prior to the COVID outbreak.  The downturn made it a little difficult to keep the doors open, but by doing so, it forced them to look for additional lines to offer their clientele.  Enter Fresh-Aire UV.

Fresh-Aire UV

In the spring of 2020, as air quality issues became a greater and greater concern, the need rapidly grew to find ways to sanitize indoor air quality in order to keep guests, employees, and vendors safe.  Mr. Nodurft has worked with ultraviolet technology for the past 20+ years.  He contacted the owners of Fresh-Aire UV in Florida, which is an innovation leader in the field of indoor air quality. Their award-winning UV light and carbon products fight mold, bacteria, viruses and odors in commercial and residential HVAC systems.  The systems are sized specifically for the air flow (CFM’s) and how many times per hour the air is completely turned in a defined space.  These systems have various applications such as cooling towers, common areas, individual room units (PTAC), and ice machines.   We use BlueCalc Software to analyze and configure the precise number and placement of UVC lamps needed.


While the blasting and UV lines were allowing the company to grow during 2020, a third opportunity arose through a past relationship in the environmental industry.  Mr. Nodurft had worked with and for George Chapas (Clean Water Compliance, LLC) in wastewater treatment over the years.  The NanoBubble technology is a patented product that creates bubbles less than 50 microns on size.  Traditional aerators and bubblers utilize mini and macro bubbles in an attempt to infuse oxygen in ponds and lakes to improve water quality.  Unfortunately the benefit is short lived since the bubbles rise to the top and off gas 60% of the oxygen (O2) to the atmosphere.  NanoBubbles actually shrink in size and both stay in suspension and sink to the bottom which floods the water column with oxygen (O2) which creates an aerobic environment.  This in turn has multiple benefits such as vastly improved water quality with “good bacteria” consuming sludge, eliminates the need for many chemicals, “scrubs” pipes (cooling towers) clean as the O2 rich oxygen flows through them keeping them running at peak efficiency, in addition to tremendously impacting the agriculture, aquaculture, and hydroponic industries as well.

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Doug Nodurft

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